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At Natural Lawn Services, we use 100% natural fertilizer, which is an environmentally responsible choice for your family, pets, and children, and at the same time gives you a healthier, greener lawn. Because you care about your yard and the impact you have on the environment, adding an organic option to your home lawn care maintenance program gives you the confidence that you are making a good choice for a safer, more responsible decision for your home.

Everyone loves a green, beautiful, lush lawn. Here in the Milwaukee area, we have harsh conditions and it shows up when the grass starts to grow again in the Spring. By having our professional technician take a sample of your lawn, we can test and analyze the best approach to help grow, thicken, and even repair your lawn.

Planning ahead now for the summer season will allow you to enjoy your yard during the best months that make Wisconsin special. A yard to be proud off starts with a good foundation. Contact us now for an estimate.

To learn more, please click on Natural Lawn 101, which details the ways we can help you with your lawn, including lawn maintenance programs, pest control, and building nutrient-rich soil. Safer for the environment, safer for you and your family.

Beautiful Lawns Start Here

What We Do

  • Natural Lawn 101

    Great lawns start with great soil. Natural lawn 101 starts with a soil analysis to identify the condition of your yard's foundation. It is then we can start to bring your grass back to a level that is healthy for you and your family.

  • Natural Lawn Fertilizer

    Once we know the condition of your soil we can determine the correct amount of organic based fertilizer to use. Bringing your soil to the proper ph levels will result in the best conditions for your yard.

  • Natural Lawn for Kids

    Family is important and so is their safety. By using natural and organic based products you are choosing a better option for your children. You will have peace of mind as you watch them enjoy playing in your yard.

  • Natural Lawn for Pets

    Pets are family too. Making an organic based choice for your lawn care service is safer for your pets. Having a natural lawn is good for your pet and the environment. A green lush lawn is a happy lawn.